There is something rather satisfying about cooking with simple and fresh ingredients, and although they cooked this way during WWII out of necessity, ’nose-to-tail’ eating and ‘paddock-to-plate’ philosophies are are welcomed as a way to to avoid processed foods.



Eating this way makes sense for us environmentally and for our wellbeing so being able to include these recipes, with a contemporary take, is a happy bonus.


Together with some help from family and friends, the recipes in the book were tested in my kitchen so it would be great to hear from you once you have tried some.  Post your photos and stories on my Facebook page.


Here are a few more for now and I’ll post some new ones, reawakened from the archives and tested, so keep an eye out for more. In the meantime, …
happy cooking
Maggie’s Recipes 
Turnip Top Salad recipe
Turnip Top Salad
Chocolate Birthday Cake recipe
Chocolate Birthday Cake
gingerbread recipe
Ginger Bread 
rabbit stew with herb dumpling
Rabbit Stew with Herb Dumpling 
crisp coated scotch eggs
Crisp Coated Scotch Eggs

Original Recipes from the Archive

Original recipies WW2 England puddings
Original recipes WW2 pudding
Original WW2 recipes soups
Original recipes WW2 stews
ww2 original recipe short pastry
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