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I was delighted to be asked to take part in the blog tour for Caroline Beecham’s novel, Maggie’s Kitchen.


A story combining friendship and food set against a country in wartime – Maggie’s Kitchen has all the ingredients needed to deliver an intriguing read. I loved reading this book for the authentic historical vibe but also for the wonderfully courageous heroine, Maggie.

I’m so glad to be sharing with you all a guest post from the author, Caroline Beecham, where she talks about some of the challenges women faced around the time of World War II and writing about them authentically. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Imagining life for women during the Second World War
Guest Post by Caroline Beecham


Maggie’s Kitchen follows the fortunes of Maggie Johnson as she sets up and runs a British Restaurant in London during the Second World War. The story focuses on the relationships that develop with the community and in particular with Robbie, a twelve-year-old runaway, and Janek, a Polish refuge. Together they struggle through government red-tape to open the restaurant and then battle food shortages and community crisis to keep open their doors.


Please read the full post here:

Maggie’s Kitchen Blog Tour: Guest Post by Caroline Beecham