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Caroline has twenty years experience across a range of genres including documentary, drama and entertainment. She has worked as a writer, producer, executive producer and director in Europe, Canada, the US and Australasia. As well as developing many of her own ideas for programming and adapting a best-selling book for the small screen, she has written the novelisation of the film Rainbow.


She has held the roles of Head of Development at Winchester Pictures and Brighter Pictures (part of Endemol Group) in the UK and was Head of Television Development for Becker Entertainment Group, one of Australia’s leading production houses and distributors. In addition to involvement in specific productions, she assessed television projects, managed creative development, and established relationships with co-production partners and broadcasters

Maggie’s Kitchen, (working title) ten-part series adapted from the novel is a tense and moving drama focusing on the fortunes of Maggie, the restaurant staff and the community, as they struggle through local and national crisis. Additional storylines and a cast of complex and engaging characters, mirror the international community that war sought to protect. Each episode combines the intimate drama of Call The Midwife and the intrigue of The Bletchley Circle, and is a highlight for family viewing. The distinctive storytelling–both gritty and heart-warming–and the original setting, give a unique and original perspective of the Second World War.

Film Highlights

Rainbow is a family adventure film directed by Bob Hoskins and starring Saul Rubinek, Dan Aykroyd, Terry Finn, Jacob Tierney and Bob Hoskins.

Everyone knows that there’s gold at the rainbow’s end but only Mike Bailey knows how to find it, and with the help of his two friend’s, Pete and Tissy, he sets out to do just that. What Mike doesn’t know is that the gold at the end of the rainbow is special. All the colour in the world is contained within it and if anything should happen to it… disaster will strike.


The future of the Earth is in danger and only Mike and his friends know how to save it. But do they have enough time…?
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Winchester Pictures / Filmline International in association with Winchester Multimedia PLC & Sony High Definition Pictures

Television Highlights

Looking Like Diana a Channel 4 documentary that followed three Princess Diana lookalikes to explore the popularity of the late Princess and the interest in her life and death.



If Only… a thirteen-part series for SBS Television, explored important turning points in people’s lives; compelling real-life events that shaped their lives.



The Gurgling Gourmet a series for ITV on cooking for kids based on Annabel Karmel’s international bestseller.

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