April 20, 2020 - #allenandunwin

Book Giveaway

Praise for Eleanor’s Secret:

‘Beecham’s easy-flowing prose and astute structure make the pages fly.’ 

Sydney Morning Herald

‘Fans of Natasha Lester and Kate Morton will very much enjoy this release.’


The small paperback edition of Eleanor’s Secret will be on sale from 24thApril and includes a chapter from Finding Eadie. To celebrate I’m giving away three copies of the novel but this giveaway is slightly different as I want you to nominate someone to receive the book; it could be someone living on their own, a relative in isolation or someone you know will appreciate the surprise of a book arriving in the post. And I can write a special message if it’s for a birthday or special occasion. You can register for the giveaway by clicking on this link https://carolinebeecham.com/contact/ and filling in the form to let me who you are nominating to give the book to and why. Please do this by 30th April and include the nominated name and address. If you would like the book for yourself then that’s fine too! If you’re one of the lucky winners then I’ll get in touch but if you don’t hear from me and you would like to buy the book then please use one of these links:




Three copies of the new edition to giveaway!!

Being a full-time writer means that I’m already working from home and used to spending a lot of time alone without the banter of work colleagues, or the socialising that comes with journeys to and from work. I thought this might have made me a bit more resilient to the social isolation but I’m feeling the growing need to spend time with friends, family and the close proximity of other people more than ever. Reading and listening to other people’s stories has certainly helped to stay connected, and with historical fiction in particular because it reminds me of what previous generations endured and their strength and resolve, but I’d love to hear from you too!

While I excitedly await the publication of Finding Eadie in July, I’m working on a new novel. I’m also a little anxious because together with the publisher, Allen & Unwin, we’ve got to find a new way of reaching readers with the majority of bookshops closed, although it’s inspiring to see the reading community creating new ways of promoting and sharing books with new online groups and virtual book launches. But more than anything, I’m excited because I’m looking forward to sharing Finding Eadie with you; the story of a woman’s fearless pursuit to find her stolen child. The novel is set in London and New York in the 1940s and its about the triumph of love; romantic love, parental love, the love between friends, and it’s a celebration of our long-standing love-affair with books!

Perhaps like many of you, I’ve been reading more, listening to audio-books and spending time thinking about what I want to read next, for work and for pleasure. Even though it seems we have more time on our hands with lockdown, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we can resume our lives but until then, please stay safe and stay reading.

Good luck!


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