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Caroline grew up at the English seaside town of Brighton and came to Australia for a year—in 1999—to continue her career as a writer and producer. She has worked on a documentary about Princess Diana lookalikes, a series about journeys to the ends of the earth, as well as a feature film about finding the end of the rainbow. While she has done none of these things herself—been a Princess Diana lookalike, journeyed to the ends of the earth, or found the end of the rainbow—she has discovered that she loves to write and to share lesser-known histories; and in particular those of pioneering women whose lives she reimagines through fiction. Caroline has a MA in Film & Television and a MA in Creative Writing and has studied the craft of novel writing at the Faber Academy in Sydney and with Curtis Brown Creative in London.

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Maggie’s Kitchen is about finding courage in the most unlikely of places. It tells the story of Maggie Johnson, who struggles to overcome her own grief as she sets up and runs one of the Ministry of Food’s British Restaurants, to feed tired and homeless Londoners during the Second World War.

Maggie’s Kitchen was inspired by real events from the Second World War and Caroline received such enthusiastic interest from readers that she set up a web site sharing highlights of the background for those who wanted to know more. The book has been popular with book clubs and there are also original War Cookery Leaflet recipes at the back of the novel, updated, of course, for contemporary tastes.

Shifting between a World War II ravaged London and the present day, Eleanor’s Secret, is a surprising mystery and compelling love story. Kathryn can’t refuse when her grandmother, Eleanor, asks her to help return a precious painting to its artist, but when the search uncovers a long-held family secret, Kathryn has to make a choice that will change her family’s future.

While Caroline didn’t set out to write historical fiction, she was fascinated by her grandparents’ stories of life during the war; her grandfather was a soldier but also a projectionist who made weekly trips to Wardour Street to collect the film reels. Her grandmother, now ninety-six, was in the Land Army and has shared many anecdotes of what she got up to during the war… Since Caroline also avidly watched BBC war correspondent, Kate Adie, while she was growing up and always wanted to follow in her footsteps, it was a happy coincidence that she found herself writing a novel about war artists—albeit Second World War ones.

Caroline’s third novel has been published as Finding Eadie in Australia and New Zealand, and as When We Meet Again in the US. She is currently working on a new novel for 2022 and is also adapting Maggie’s Kitchen for television drama. Caroline lives with her family in Sydney and when she’s not reading books or sorting odd socks, she likes to watch her sons play soccer; and she is seriously contemplating taking up tap-dancing or roller-skating again—well not too seriously.

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